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let me help you transform the personality, work with the inner shadow and solidified ego to have balance in your life.

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My name is Brian Nagel, I believe in honesty and integrity, that is what my spiritual practice is based on. Through the empowerment of knowledge i offer my clients, who choice to listen, I am thankful. For it is not I you truly recieve from, i am but the channel of a higher place in consciousness. I stabilise the unknown making the past, present and predicted future of the spiritual, emotional, physical trends known. I ask for no judgement until tested. I inform you like any sincere practice clients built up like and dislikes, i am much the same you might not like the way i work, for the things i reveal can be scarcely and of curious subjects, sometimes not directly related to what you "think" you want but to what you need to know, there is difference my friend. I basically look for true clients who want true answers, and if you are not the following then please look elsewhere, it will be a waste of both our time. All reading are private and confidential, I also am an update man, i like updates, and always find the time to email my clients back or to check in from time to time. Service in a field as complex as this is all about love and care, and thats what i give you on top of a reading. I want you to be empowered, uplifted but most importantly prepared. The max 5 minute (free of charge) connection process is simple and easy all i ask is for you to be open and filled with love, for others and most importantly yourself. All i need is a name :)


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WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING: "HIGHLY GIFTED!...ONE OF THE BEST...THANKYOU!...HES ALWAYS SPOT ON...WOW...SPEACHLESS...AMAZING...This guy is very intuned!!!!!!!! He read it like a book.....WOW WOW WOW...on the money word for word. Will contact again. I highly recommend him. Thank you for all the advice....Brian can really 'see' into your situation ! ...Outstanding as always, honest and accurate. thank you I'll do as you say....THE BEST....Have been speaking with Brian for over 9 years now he always seems to surprise me with his accuracy...He is the real deal no doubt about it....Try him you'll be blown away...The best medium I have ever met...oh my he really is good...I think Brian does want he does and does it best....GIFTED....SINCERE...WARM...GENEROUS...CARING...CONNECTED.....FIVE STAR ALL THE WAY!!! THE REAL DEAL POWERFUL READER IMPRESSIVE CONNECTION FEATURED PSYCHIC MEDIUM THAT HASNT LOST HIS TOUCH" FEATURED PSYCHIC MEDIUM BRIAN NAGEL-LOOK NO FURTHER-SINCERE-ACCURATE-HONEST-FEATURED PSYCHIC BRIAN NAGEL




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