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About Emily Ross's Services:

In 45 years I have brought thousands of people in getting to understand some things are beyond us and now it's your turn to take my experience into your life and change it for the better.-

I am a 3rd generation psychic who has been using the power of God to bring people to a point of finding the path that they have walked away from, I can look at your life in a way that you can't see in your point of view. You only need to listen to and accept my advice so that I can bring you to an understanding that you will not find anywhere else.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a psychic all of my life and practiced this for the majority of it as a professional giving a view that is going to be able to bring a feeling of true happiness. There is no situation that is too difficult, over 45 years I have never had a situation that I can not handle.


I have been learning to properly focus my gift for over 45 years, and have always found a way to help others.

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