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News Flash! Appearing on Hay House Radio as a Featured Author November 2013, Intuitive Accuracy assured, my goal is to support your journey and give fast answers to guide you.

I am a Intuitive Reader and International Transformational Coach, Radio Personality and appearing in November on Hay House Radio, As an Intuitive reader, parapsychologist, spiritual coach, Business Coach with high sensory perception, People suggest I read their soul,by what I tell them I touch their soul. I help people find their answers by what I see and feel. My great uncle Colin Lambert was a world wide known psychic healer he worked with holly-woods A listers. My intention is to help you get the best out of your life and feel safe in your skin, embracing this magical experience called life. The accuracy, and fast manner which information comes through will certainly impress, I have life time clients, and only have worked on referrals. I am a magnet for divine intelligence to share with you. Blessed Be

Experience & Qualifications

I am a Master Psychic - qualified Business and Personal Coach using my psychic ability and high sensory perception this makes for a potent combination for successful outcomes. I have 2 Radio shows, Run Large workshops, Public Speaking, I teach the art of Self Value one on one and in group.


Parapsychologist, Diploma in Coaching, EFT Practitioner.

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