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Talk to PsychicChristine - Numerology and Parapsychology in Clearwater now. 1 years of experience in Parapsychology.

About PsychicChristine's Services:

Trained in the art of Parapsychology with life experiences. Have a question come to me and I will help you with the answers.

Numerology can help: Determine their Life Path and Destiny. Learn what challenges they may have to overcome. Identify peak moments in their lives. Explore their special talents and skills and how to use them wisely. Discover what they have the innate abilities to be. You will receive a 10 page pdf report. Needed is full name and date of birth.

Experience & Qualifications

Herbalist High Priestess of Witchcraft Lightworker Natural Health Consultant Numerologist Paranormal Investigator Parapsychologist Psychic Healer Psychic Medium Psychic Detective Reiki Master Spirit Rescuer


Astrology/Parapsychology Degree Chakra Balancing Certification Intuition Certification Herbal Remedy Certification Usui Reiki Master/As well as other forms of Reiki Paranormal Investigation Doctorate in Divinity Ordained Healing Minister Numerologist Natural Health Certification Holistic Health Practitioner

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