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About Shanti's Services:

I get information with my ESP and Remote Viewing abilities of what is happening and to be in the very near future.

I have been giving readings since 35 years and will help you through my guided insights. Nothing escapes my attention as I fine tune my ESP, telepathic sense and Remote Viewing abilities to solve your issues. All my readings will be delivered in detail with honesty, compassion, in depth. Please provide me with your correct name, DOB, and have your questions ready. I might ask you a few basic questions to bond with you better. Please keep in mind that though I am a fast typist, I may have to ask further questions to get a clear answer to help you make that "Right" choice and receive “in-depth” guidance.

Experience & Qualifications

There will be no Mumbo Jumbo stuff from me; and I will only reveal what I see. I have helped and counseled many! Now am here on this platform to help you and guide you too. My suggestion… to get the most out of your reading, kindly have at least 5 minutes in your account. Less than that, will not allow you to receive details that you are seeking.


B.A.(English), B.N.Y.S., M.D. (HOM)

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